About Callahan Partners

Callahan Partners is an operations management consulting firm specializing in activation and transition strategy. They offer services as an operations consultant across many healthcare-specific areas, including operations planning, process improvement, activation planning, execution, and decommissioning.

Liz Callahan, Callahan Partners’ Healthcare Operations Consultant, partners with organizations at an elbow-to-elbow level to ensure tangible impact and execution. She also provides operations consultation to other industries, including manufacturing, parking, transportation, and supply chain.

As a consultant, Liz uses FitUp to manage her projects. She recommends FitUp when she sees companies struggling with equipment vendors or organizing the activation process.

The Problem

At Callahan Partners, Liz is challenged with managing multiple activation projects with the organization and structure she demands. While navigating through various tasks, she sought user-friendly software to enhance her ability to dive into the details or take a step back for a broader perspective, ensuring seamless understanding and utilization by the entire team.

Liz, in her pursuit of an ideal solution, found FitUp aligned with her requirements. A platform that not only offered her and her clients peace of mind regarding the status of their projects but also provided real-time tracking of equipment locations. The essential criterion was a comprehensive software solution capable of bringing in several different data sources to be utilized seamlessly from project initiation to completion, specifically tailored to fit up any building. Since using FitUp, Liz says that if she had to go back in time and try to do things the old way, she imagines it would be similar to going from a smartphone back to a flip phone—very frustrating.

FitUp’s Solution

FitUp helps Liz stay organized from project to project while consulting for clients. Using FitUp, Liz feels more confident in her work. Her clients feel more confident because they see real-time data and can collaborate within the program. It allowed her to feel more confident in her work and instill confidence in Owners. Callahan Partners describes FitUp as your one-stop shop for logistics preparation needs. FitUp’s software simplifies complex tasks for its clients and makes the activation easier for people new to the process. It provides the right level of information for the right audience.

One of Liz’s favorite features is the Door Report. The Door Report consists of a room summary checklist and a room layout diagram allowing vendors to know exactly where to install and sign off products and sign off. Door Reports allow Liz and her team to do visual checks seamlessly and make sure everything is in the right place at the right time—an exercise that does not exist easily without a tool like FitUp.

The Results

Callahan Partners uses FitUp as a training tool to help organizations think about all the tasks needed to complete a project on time and within budget. Liz is required to provide project status reports regularly. FitUp allows her to utilize data to tell leadership exactly where projects stand quickly. FitUp enables Callahan Partners to track the status of medical equipment, furniture, and IT devices in one database. Its automatic reporting makes it easy to keep all stakeholders informed regarding the project’s status, thus improving team collaboration and reducing the stress associated with facility activation projects.

As a consultant, Liz receives solid feedback on FitUp—even from those who don’t do activation for a living. Liz always recommends bringing in FitUp early to set up workflows correctly from the beginning. Starting early prevents having to do any rework or transferring of documents. Liz has worked with the FitUp team for over a decade. The team’s responsiveness, support, and flexibility have earned her trust.


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