About Northwell Health:

Northwell Health stands as one of the largest and most respected health systems in New York State, dedicated to providing comprehensive medical care to millions of patients annually. Renowned for its commitment to innovation and patient-centric care, Northwell Health continuously seeks new solutions to enhance its operational efficiency and elevate the quality of care delivered across its extensive network of healthcare facilities.

The Challange

As Northwell Health embarked on North Shore University Hospital’s expansion to meet the growing healthcare needs of its communities, it encountered challenges in coordinating the intricate processes of the purchase, installation, and activation of various equipment and technologies, and turned to FitUp for assistance.

With multiple processes running congruently across the building activation phase, the complexity of managing resources, timelines, and stakeholder communications became increasingly daunting. Furthermore, integrating new technologies into existing systems while ensuring seamless service delivery presented a formidable obstacle.

FitUp’s Solution

FitUp is a cutting-edge SaaS platform tailored for building activation and management. FitUp’s centralized platform provided North Shore’s project teams a unified platform to track, manage and coordinate thousands of pieces of medical equipment, IT devices, and furniture information in real-time.

Timothy Menz, Project Manager at Northwell Health explained, “FitUp offered a unified workspace for collaboration and live tracking. We particularly found the room readiness checks available within FitUp to be critical to accelerating our timelines.”

FitUp’s multi-layer database empowered North Shore to organize and visualize critical project data, including floor plans, equipment inventory, and resource allocations, with unparalleled ease and precision. This allowed project managers to make informed decisions swiftly and confidently adapt to evolving project requirements.

In addition, FitUp’s automated reporting capabilities provided stakeholders with actionable insights into project status, resource utilization, and budgetary compliance, fostering accountability and transparency across the organization.

The Results

By leveraging FitUp’s advanced features and intuitive interface, North Shore achieved remarkable efficiency, collaboration, and process management improvements throughout its expansion projects. The platform’s seamless integration with existing systems and workflows enabled North Shore to streamline operations and reduce manual errors significantly.

Using FitUp helped the team collaborate effectively, communicating and documenting updates in one advanced cloud-based activation solution. The enhanced collaboration led to North Shore’s project teams experiencing accelerated project timelines and enhanced operational readiness.

North Shore’s partnership with FitUp has revolutionized its project management practices, enabling the organization to deliver high-quality care more efficiently and effectively than ever before. By embracing technology and innovation, North Shore University Hospital continues to set new standards for excellence in healthcare delivery, ensuring that patients receive the highest level of care when they need it most.


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