How FitUp Helps Mitigate the Labor Shortage in Hospital Construction

The Associated General Contractors Construction Association recently released a startling report that highlighted how severe labor shortages have become across the construction industry. 

“91 Percent of Construction Firms Report Having a Hard Time Finding Workers to Hire, Driving Up Costs and Project Delays.”

AGC 2022 Workforce Survey

Of the nearly 1300 construction firms surveyed: 

  • 93% report they have open positions they are trying to fill
  • 91% are having a hard time finding workers
  • 77% have difficult hiring, including finding skilled workers 

These results were cited across all sectors of construction regardless of organization size or industry. A severe labor shortage of this nature is not going to be rectified quickly, creating serious problems for hospital construction projects that lead to higher costs and delays in project completion. These costs are also leading to cancelled projects. 

The solution to this labor shortage won’t be fast or come from one place – and digital technology is one of the ways construction projects can mitigate the challenges from the labor shortage in the short term as well as provide long term benefits. Technology allows companies to do more with the same number of people, helping them increase their revenue and improve profitability.

FreightTrain Can Help!

“87% of construction firms agree that their employees need to possess digital technology skills.”

AGC 2022 Workforce Survey

FreightTrain customers are leveraging our SaaS platform, FitUp, to reduce the number of man-hours required on a project to get more done with fewer people. Before FitUp, our customers were using multiple spreadsheets to track medical equipment, IT, and Furniture. 

FitUp makes it easy and fast to update project information via a laptop or tablet. This eliminates the back-and-forth, emails, phone calls, and meetings to discuss progress. FitUp allows the project team to collaborate using one source of truth.

FitUp enables project teams to create issues for buildings, rooms, products, etc. in a couple of minutes (versus the 10+ minutes to do it manually), and then automatically assigns and notifies the responsible party when there is an issue assigned to them. Most projects will have thousands of issues they need to track – meaning FitUp is saving our customers hundreds of man-hours on every project!

This means you can report, track and solve issues faster and with fewer people involved. Anyone onsite can create a ticket for the issue, attach a picture and link other relevant documents – all without having to go back to their office, download the images to their computer, and manually add additional room and project contract information. 

FitUp drives efficiency in individual workflows, and the benefits increase as the software is used cohesively thorough out the project. Contact us for more information or to schedule a demo.

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