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Don’t Allow Supply Chain Issues to Delay Your Project

The last two years have been incredibly stressful for the healthcare industry and the many incredible people working in the field. In addition to the stress of treating an influx of patients caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, these organizations faced immense challenges in the supply chain. The issues with the supply chain are having a significant impact on organizations that are building and activating new facilities. Healthcare facilities are now facing delays upwards of five months for equipment to be delivered (Aeppel). These delays negatively impact the schedule for new projects and make it more challenging to provide patient care for all those in need.

Compounding the problem is that project teams in the field often have limited visibility to the status of the medical equipment, furniture, and IT devices that must be delivered and installed to open a new facility on time. Information about the status of these products often resides in spreadsheets exported from planning tools, ERP systems, and so forth. FitUp is a technology solution that allows healthcare organizations to track the ordering, shipment, and delivery of equipment, furniture, & IT. With FitUp, healthcare facilities can track, in real-time, on interactive dashboards what equipment has been purchased, shipped to the warehouse or the site, installed, tested, etc.

FitUp ensures that your project is successful and delivered on time. For more information, check out our website, https://www.usefitup.com/fitup/


Aeppel, Timothy. “COVID Creates Shortages of an Array of U.S. Medical Supplies.” Reuters, 20 Sept. 2021, 11:23 a.m., https://docs.google.com/document/d/1rQTHnbHcOp92VSlnturN7g27WROsWwqBPbqiiOg7KYM/edit

Who FitUp Is For


Our FreightTrain software has been a vital tool for our Building Load and Logistics team during the Building Load phase of our projects as it helps us track a piece of equipment through the process of going from the initial plan, through the procurement process, all the way to its deployment and installation in its final location.

While our FitUp module is oriented around product deployment and is used primarily by the teams responsible for deployment, like the BLL team, it can be beneficial to many other parties, including Biomedical Engineering, notably during their incoming equipment inspections. By utilizing the product status feature and product details page in FitUp, Biomed can track the exact equipment that is incoming, know where it will be staged for their inspections, and once tagged, users can enter key information into our system that allows them to track the date of inspection, asset tag, and serial number. Once the project is complete, Biomed can extract the information and upload it into their software. With a multitude of features and data values, FreightTrain’s FitUp module holds valuable utility across many aspects of a project.