FreightTrain Announces New Integration Partnership with 4Tower Capital Management System

FreightTrain and 4Tower logos with skyscrapers in the background

We’re excited to announce that FitUp, FreightTrain’s SaaS-based solution for coordinating medical equipment, furniture, and IT devices during building activation, is now integrated with 4Tower’s SpecAdvisor capital equipment planning system.  

The combination of SpecAdvisor and FitUp provides clients with an end-to-end solution for planning and deploying capital equipment for new construction and renovation projects. 

With 4Tower’s SpecAdvisor, Medical Equipment Planning Software users can:

  • Strategically plan and budget for new equipment
  • Build medical equipment projects of any scale using the system’s comprehensive product database
  • Quickly filter and access data, save views, make changes, and generate custom reports
  • Procure equipment and manage assets

 With FitUp, users can:

  • Coordinate and track medical equipment, furniture, and IT devices during building activation
  • Keep project stakeholders up to date with visual dashboards and auto-generated reports
  • Visualize project status with FitUp’s Visual Fragnet maps
  • Simplify issue management

The pace of healthcare construction amid a nationwide labor shortage puts pressure on owners and their consulting partners to staff projects. The SpecAdvisor/FitUp solution will improve the efficiency of the equipment planning and logistics teams, enabling our customers to get more work done without adding to your teams. 

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